Are Waste Oil Burners Legal?


How Much Used Oil Must I Generate To Make Buying A Waste Oil Furnace Or Boiler A Practical Decision?

The average minimum volume of used oil you must collect annually is between 800 – 1000 gallons. You can also burn regular fuel oil if you run short of used oil.

When Using The Furnace Or Boiler, Does It Produce Any By-Products?

Yes, when burning used oil it produces a very fine ash. The ash is safe to dispose of in normal waste disposal or in the ground like any normal ash.The ash is cleaned every 1000 run time hours. (On average 1 – 2 times per year)

Does Waste Oil Burners Smell Or Produce Black Smoke?

No, the exhaust on an EnergyLogic Product is similar to a cars exhaust.

What Is The Average Length Of Time For Pay-Back On A Waste Oil Furnace Or Boiler?

Typically 2 seasons. Payback can depend on size of facility, number of furnaces, climate and oil generation rates.

If I Purchase A furnace Or Boiler, Does The Tank Come With It?

No, the tank is an additional cost and a separate part number.